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West Africa: How West Africa Can Expand Power Supply and Meet Climate Goals

Sa 06 Jun 2020 15:05:03 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] Not too long ago, when the idea of solar and wind energy was still hotly debated, critics used to point out the limitations of these energy sources: the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. But nowadays many countries' electricity grids are strongly supplied by renewable energy.

Africa: Addressing Africa's Nutrition Challenges By Strengthening Indigenous Crops

Sa 06 Jun 2020 15:03:59 CEST
[Africa Renewal] The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) is an international effort to improve nutrition, productivity and climatic adaptability of some of Africa's most important food crops, thus helping to decrease malnutrition and stunting among the continent's most vulnerable population, especially rural children. The AOCC aims to sequence, assemble and annotate the genomes of 100 traditional African food crops, which will enable higher nutritional content for society over the decades to come.

Africa: Here We Are Again - Will Racist Violence in the United States Ever End?

Sa 06 Jun 2020 13:15:02 CEST
[ICTJ] It happened again. George Floyd's name is now added to the tragic list - already far too long - of other people of color whose lives have been cut short as a direct result of the United States' long history of racism and white supremacy. We stand in solidarity with his family and the relatives of all other victims of racially motivated violence including most recently, among others, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Steven Taylor, Nicolas Chavez, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Sand

Africa: The Evolution of the Shoebill in Wetlands of Africa

Sa 06 Jun 2020 12:13:39 CEST
[Daily News] WITH its flapping rate estimated to be 150 flaps per minute, the shoebill is one of the slowest of any bird while flying between 100 to 500 metres from one point to another ground the bird, with this slow speed when the bird walks on the ground it can be easily identified by its unique features which is its massive shoe-shaped bill which the ancestors of these birds acquired from millions of years ago.

Africa: World Environmental Day - Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic On Biodiversity in Focus

Sa 06 Jun 2020 13:21:44 CEST
[WHO] With all countries in Africa, Nigeria inclusive, battling COVID-19, "human interaction with the ecosystem must remain balanced, otherwise we will risk disrupting nature which have consequences as we are seeing in the COVID-19 pandemic", says Minister of Environment Dr Mohammad Abubakar.

Africa: UNHCR - Help Us Protect the Environment to Protect Refugees

Sa 06 Jun 2020 12:48:32 CEST
[UNHCR] UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, joins the U.N. Environmental Programme in observing World Environment Day today.

Africa: What About Africa's Small, Medium Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Fr 05 Jun 2020 16:45:28 CEST
[allAfrica] Cape Town -COVID-19's impact on big business across the continent is well documented, however, the pandemic's effect on small to medium business enterprises cannot be overlooked. Speaking during an online media briefing, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Director for Africa, said that 70% of Africa's working population earns their livelihoods in the informal sector. As economic growth slows, Moeti said the UN Economic Commission for Africa projected that up to 27 million people could b


Fr 05 Jun 2020 14:09:48 CEST
[allAfrica] Dakar -Africans in Africa and Around the World in Solidarity With African-American Sisters And Brothers

Africa: Continent Nears 170,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Fr 05 Jun 2020 10:11:25 CEST
[allAfrica] As of June 5, confirmed the COVID-19 case total from 55 African countries has reached 169,645. Reported deaths in Africa have reached 4,756 and recoveries 73,895.

Africa: We Wanted to Know If Chinese Migrants in Africa Self-Segregate. What We Found

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:54:50 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] Over the past 20 years there's been remarkable growth in China-Africa links because of increased trade and investment. As a result there's also been a great deal of movement of people between China and African countries. It's estimated that there are now about 500,000 Africans in China, while the the number of Chinese in the 54 African countries ranges between one and two million.

Africa: Air Pollution and Temperature - Bad for Your Heart and Blood Vessels

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:53:38 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] The rising temperatures that come with climate change present a global health challenge. There is scientific evidence that air pollution and hot weather increase the risk of cardiovascular disease hospital admissions - and may even end in death. Heart attacks, heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms are all examples of cardiovascular diseases. Evidence of the interaction between temperature and air pollution - and the combined effects on people's health - is also growing.

Africa: What Zoologists Should Learn From a Zoonotic Pandemic

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:47:33 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] Zoology has an illustrious history; it has triggered paradigm shifts in thinking. One of the best known was Darwin's theory of evolution, based on his observations of the natural world. It became the cornerstone of current zoological research.

Africa: Can Vaccines Reach the World's Poorest?

Fr 05 Jun 2020 06:40:52 CEST
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Rome -Thursday's GAVI vaccine summit aims to help people in the developing world get access to any eventual coronavirus vaccine. What are the obstacles?

Africa: Over 87,000 Active COVID-19 Cases Across Continent, 424 Critical

Do 04 Jun 2020 10:12:47 CEST
[allAfrica] As of June 4, confirmed the COVID-19 case total from 55 African countries has reached 162,622. Reported deaths in Africa have reached 4,604 and recoveries 70,448.

Africa: Ebola, Hydroxychloroquine, COVID-19 – WHO Tackles a World of Health Challenges

Do 04 Jun 2020 01:56:42 CEST
[allAfrica] Washington, DC -Almost 50 responders from the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners arrived today in Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), along with 3600 doses of Ebola vaccine and 2000 cartridges for lab testing, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told media in an online briefing.

Africa: USAID's Ongoing Development Priorities and COVID-19 Assistance Response in Africa

Fr 05 Jun 2020 15:20:10 CEST
[State Department] Moderator:  Good afternoon to everyone from the U.S. Department of State's Africa Regional Media Hub.  I would like to welcome our participants from across the continent and thank all of you for taking part in this discussion.

Africa: Ecobank Named Most Innovative Bank in Africa

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:20:55 CEST
[The Exchange] Global finance named Ecobank as the most innovative bank in Africa during the eighth Global Finance annual awards, the Innovators 2020.

Africa: Unequal Access to Remote Schooling Amid COVID-19 Threatens to Deepen Global Learning Crisis

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:19:15 CEST
[Unicef] New York -As nearly 1.2 billion [1] schoolchildren remain affected by school closures and as they grapple with the realities of remote learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF warns inherent inequalities in access to tools and technology threaten to deepen the global learning crisis.

Africa: 'Earth School' Gives Students in Lockdown a Closeup Look At Nature

Fr 05 Jun 2020 13:16:27 CEST
[UNEP] "I have never seen anything quite like this," says Kathleen Usher, a Canadian elementary school teacher as she clicks through the website of Earth School. The portal, which the UN Environment Programme, and TED-Ed launched together with a wide array of partners as a response to COVID-19 on 22 April, features 30 kid-friendly primers on a range of environmental issues, from the origins of water to the life cycle of a t-shirt.

Africa: Any Future COVID-19 Vaccines Must Be Sold at Cost and Accessible to All

Fr 05 Jun 2020 11:55:07 CEST
[MSF] Governments must attach strings as they pledge billions to pay for vaccines in developing countries

Africa: Moroccan Bouchra Vows to Transform African Volleyball

Fr 05 Jun 2020 11:45:24 CEST
[Nation] Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB) presidential aspirant Bouchra Hajij says her appointment to the International Olympic Committee's Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission is a plus for the sport.

Africa: Africa Coronavirus Fight Is Multi-Front Battle - U.S.

Fr 05 Jun 2020 09:56:29 CEST
[VOA] The challenges faced by African nations during the coronavirus pandemic are about much more than a rapidly spreading virus, American aid officials say. They're concerned about the threats it poses to proper nutrition, the economy, liberties and freedoms, and the ongoing war against a deadly parasite that has plagued this continent for centuries: malaria.

Africa: Gates Foundation Pledges $1,6bn to Gavi For Vaccines

Fr 05 Jun 2020 09:08:50 CEST
[Gates Foundation] The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced a five-year, US$1.6 billion commitment to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to deliver lifesaving vaccines to the world's poorest countries. The commitment was announced at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020, hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom.

Africa: Rugby Africa Reinforces Its Support for All Member Federations Through Solidarity Fund

Fr 05 Jun 2020 12:47:51 CEST
[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Given the current health crisis, the Rugby Africa Executive Committee has approved the immediate release of ?170,000 (539,140 thousand Tunisian dinars) from a solidarity fund. In a statement published on June 4 on its official website, Rugby Africa said that all member federations are eligible for this financial aid to support their rugby communities. Requests from the fund can go towards distribution of food packages, meals, or PPE (masks, hand sanitiser gels, etc.), emergency food and medical suppor

Africa: Racism and Self-Hate - Why Africa Is Not Innocent

Fr 05 Jun 2020 09:34:27 CEST
[Premium Times] Just as it was an enabler of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonialism, tribalism has also manifested in post-colonial Africa in the form of divisive, exclusionist, conflicting and destabilising politics of ethno-geographic identity, which has proven to be an anathema to the collective development of black African states in the contemporary world.

Africa: Polio Eradication Expertise Backs Africa's COVID-19 Response

Fr 05 Jun 2020 09:07:14 CEST
[WHO] Brazzaville -Expertise in polio eradication that has put Africa on the verge of being certified free of wild poliovirus has been brought to the frontlines of COVID-19 fight. A network of responders from the World Health Organization (WHO) Polio Eradication Programme and partner organizations is providing critical resources and skills to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa: WHO Welcomes Crucial New Funding for Vaccines

Fr 05 Jun 2020 06:46:22 CEST
[WHO] London/Geneva -WHO welcomes funding commitments made at today's Global Vaccine Summit, hosted virtually by the UK government. The Summit is Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance's third pledging conference and follows the successful Berlin summit in January 2015.

Africa: COVID-19 Shows the World Needs Physicians Who Can Look Beyond Medical Charts

Do 04 Jun 2020 13:06:41 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] As modern medicine has advanced, so too has our understanding of what affects health. Over recent decades this has generated a number of new fields in medicine. One of the most important that has been born out of the latest generation is social medicine. It studies how social and economic factors help determine our health, specifically inequalities within societies that negatively influence health outcomes.

Africa: Being Queer Is Special

Do 04 Jun 2020 12:16:47 CEST
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Queer teenagers are trapped in a cage when they are told they need to conform to heteronormativity

Africa: 'Quarantine' Politics to Win COVID-19 Fight - WHO

Do 04 Jun 2020 12:05:25 CEST
[The Herald] World Health Organisation (WHO) director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and African Union (AU) Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday called upon the world to "quarantine" politics, including lifting sanctions on countries like Zimbabwe, to win the war against Covid-19.